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Importance of Website Accessibility Audit

Online business is undergoing positive radical changes due to technological advancements. Today people with disabilities can also enjoy the technology because there are many technological tools that people with disabilities can use to perform different tasks. Website is the fundamental tool of online business in the world. You should always have people living with disability in mind when developing your website. Screen reader and assertive scanning are some of the technologies you can use in your website to help people with disability access your website. The following are some of the importance of website accessibility audit.

The first importance of website accessibility audit is that you are able to get a well-organized comprehensive accessibility report that you can use to correct your website. When you develop your own website, be it with the help of your crew or by yourself, it is possible to leave out some aspects that can enhance the website accessibility. Website accessibility audit report can help you improve your website’s accessibility to the required threshold. The accessibility problems are pointed out and recommendations of correcting provided.

The second importance of auditing your website’s accessibility is that you are you gain accessibility knowledge. The technicalities of improving accessibility are shown to you by the technical team.

When you do website accessibility audit, you uphold Section 508 of United States and avoid seen as leaving people with disability out. You are advised the best way of making sure that your website also takes care of people living with disability. This will help you lower the risks involved in the legal action against your online business. By developing an accessible website the image of your business improves positively. When you incorporate accessibility features like images into your website, your search engine optimization improves.

An estimation of your website remediation can be done. The recommendation report usually measure the severity of accessibility issues as high, medium or low. You can determine the budget of redeeming your website based on the severity results. This helps you make a decision of whether the remedial process is necessary or not.

Another reason, why website accessibility audit is necessary, is that you are able to know how to improve your website so that even the disabled can be able to use your website. The report generated about your website’s accessibility indicates to you the best practices to exercise when making a website. You are given a sample of form on how your clients can contact you whenever they face accessibility issues then you can see how to rectify. This helps you to get many customers of all types translating increase in your business.

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