How a Single Online Source Is Inspiring Thousands of Entrepreneurs

In 2009, a young, well-educated ex-army officer named John Lee Dumas turned a poor job market into a burgeoning career helping other people succeed. Commonly known simply as JLD, the inventive entrepreneur began creating podcasts that would guide listeners who wanted to improve their lives and make dreams come true. The free podcasts were soon joined by how-to journals that are now available to anyone who wants a recipe for success.

Free Podcasts Offer Inspiration

John Dumas was inspired to begin his new enterprise when he realized the value of informative podcasts. That led him to create a podcast series known as Entrepreneurs on Fire. Each program consists of an interview with a successful person. They talk to audiences about their ideas, successes, and failures. To date, more than 2,000 game-changing business people have inspired others to begin working on their dreams. Listeners are motivated to create and follow through on ideas that let them lead the lives they have always dreamed of.

The Freedom Journal Is a Goal Setting Guide

Followers of John Dumas always have access to free podcast courses, and they can opt to join a podcast master class. Students of the program can also buy the Freedom Journal, a planner specifically designed to help entrepreneurs succeed at setting and accomplishing goals. Users follow a step-by-step plan that encourages daily action plans and nightly progress reviews. The journal also breaks goals into small, achievable 10-day blocks. Each quarter, users are encouraged to identify any obstacles and adjust their plans to overcome them.

A Mastery Journal Enhances Chances for Success

Entrepreneurs who want to take their progress further and faster can get help by utilizing the plan’s Mastery Journal. Designed to create dramatic changes in 100 days, it helps podcast producers learn to create the best content for success. They also learn to create and execute dynamic plans. Users are encouraged to focus on one course until they achieve their goal. The journal also helps students adjust to changes and pivot when necessary.

Ambitious entrepreneurs who want careers in podcasting are getting help from a program called Entrepreneurs on Fire. Students are offered a series of free instructional podcasts and other materials that include a Freedom Journal and Mastery Journal.